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Here’s what you missed on Dalton sims: Jogan moved out to a house of their own and had a second son Cade. Reed and Shane are now pregnant with their first after having sex about 1000 times. Dwerek have finally made a commitment. And Klaine keep getting neglected.  

So, I’ll try to contain my creys so I can make a proper post. We left off with Reed barfing from his pregnancy and Dwerek snuggling on the couch.

I updated the game before playing and the next morning brought new found, new patch glitches, such as this.

I don’t think your arm is supposed to bend like that.

…or that.

Derek keeps flirting with the help

While Reed and Shane have some “frisky fun in the great outdoors”

And yes, Reed did get a splinter, just like Julian. I guess the bottoms always get splinters, huh? Funny, since we all know how much Reed likes to ride it.

They start gossiping and what was it about?

"Did you know my favorite color is turquoise?"


But then he starts feeling sick again

After he puked he brushes his teeth while Derek flirts with the maid and Shane stands there doing absolutely nothing, staring at them like a creep.

The next morning, we find this happening.

I hate this new bed glitch. Does anyone know how to fix it?

After I got Derek up and ready to look for a “profession” (I love Ambitions) Rane decided it was time for more sex.

It just kills me how they do all this on their own.

I don’t think that’s how you do it.

And where did you go, Reed?

Well then.

Moving on. Reed got a job as a stylist, like I’ve always wanted him to.

As soon as he gets there we see Kurt giving flowers to Blaine.

I had absolutely no idea what the hell to do so I just started doing a bunch of random stuff.

He gets to give his first makeover.



Advice to the world: don’t ever let me give you a make over. This took forever.

Afterwards I see Blaine looking in the next mirror.


He looked dashing in his formal makeover

And then proceeded to stare at Kurt like this

After all the makeovers are done, I decided to have Reed get a tattoo. He shrieked. And looked like this

Here it is:

It’s a butterfly

He gets even more adorable when

Maternity clothes!

As soon as he got home Shane rushed to door to do this

On his own. He had a positive excited moodlet for “Anticipation for seeing lover.” The game sure does know Shane.

Then it was time for



Meanwhile Derek gets a profession of his own. Since I didn’t have Ambitions when I made Dwight, I didn’t have ghost hunting as an option, and since he already has a life wish that revolves around his career, I can’t change it. But I figure maybe his lover can take an interest in what he likes so…

Something strange in your neighborhood

who ya gonna call?


Meanwhile at the Jogan house, Julian can’t cook for shit

And Zach has a birthday while Logan complains about how hungry he is because this is the second time Julian has burned their dinner

Aasdfghjk! He’s adorable! Look at those freckles!

Don’t let that fool you though, because of his “difficult upbringing” (wtf? I think I did I good job! He learned everything he was supposed to and hardly ever cried! What the fuck, sims!) I couldn’t choose his next trait, so it was assigned to him.

He’s a kleptomaniac.

"I’ll steal all your shit and look fabulous while doing it."

The first thing he does is


"Shut up, Dad, you’ve been talking for an hour, I just want to go bed."

And what is Julian doing?

Is anyone surprised?

He tucks Cade in while Logan reads Zachariah a bedtime story.


Back at Rane’s house it was my first ever time doing laundry 

Why is this awesome?

I love Ambitions.

This is also my first shower sex with out the mosaic so we can see what’s going on in there

Wow. Who would have guessed Derek bottomed?

And what the hell is going on here?

what even?

At least Reed is sleeping kind of normally

He decides to fire the maid Derek can’t stop flirting with.

"You flirt with my friend’s boyfriend and never actually finish cleaning the house and I don’t like you!"

But then Grady turned the tables and “insults Reed.”

He looks quite scared 

And hurt

How dare someone hurt Reed like that! I have never wanted to slap a sim more… I’ve never wanted to slap a sim ever actually.

But then comes the bitch face

Kurt would be proud.

Baby bump!

He then paints while Shane… flys?

Nah, he’s just on the *new* trampoline with Derek.

I just liked watching them do flips.

It was the highlight of my day. Why don’t I have a life?

Like a boss.

Not like a boss.

And then that’s when the tragedy sticks. Get your tissues ready.

Just out of fucking nowhere!

It wouldn’t let me do anything! I tried to bargain with the grim reaper, beg, everything! Nothing happened! What’s worse is I just saved right before I realized what happened, so closing without saving isn’t an option. He’ll still die. I DON’T WANT HIM TO DIE. WHAT DO I DO! Does anyone know if you can bring them back?

I actually have an idea, but if it doesn’t work, I have another idea that goes along with his death. A new character who will be a new love interest for Dwight.

So now I’m asking you. What would you prefer?

  1. I use my backup files which were last updated when I installed Ambitons, which would make this whole post irrelevant. None of any of this would have happened, meaning Derek is still alive. Only thing is I don’t what to uninstall my game. It will start everything over, including relationships. Rane and Jogan wouldn’t be married and Zach and Cade wouldn’t be recognized as their sons. So this isn’t a good option.
  2. I make a new Derek and pretend this never happened.
  3. I make this new character I have in mind for Dwight.

It’s up to you. I wouldn’t even make these if you guys didn’t like them so much. So thanks :)

And yes, I’m still crying.

Oh yes I’m sure this is such a happy memory for you, you mother fucking bitch ass cunt bastard son of a whore.

Update: Derek is fine guys! I saved him. It’s all cool.

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