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So here’s what you missed on Dalton!Sims: Logan and Julian have their own house, one toddler named Cade and a child named Zachariah. Reed and Shane are pregnant. Dwight and Derek finally made a commitment, but then tragedy struck when Derek died. 

But don’t worry. If you didn’t see my update, let me fill you in. As I saved right when it started happening (I didn’t know) exiting without saving wasn’t an option. But I did anyway and, as expected, he was still going to die. So before he even fell to his knees, I quickly typed the cheat “resetsim derek seigerson” boom! He’s on the other side of the porch, completely fine.

So Derek is alive!

Pregnant Reed decides to go swimming in the weirdest trunks I’ve ever seen

While Shane does this

Meanwhile the very much alive Derek has his first ghost hunting job.

He screamed when he first got there and one of his wants was to immediately change jobs.

Don’t be a weenie Derek, do it for Dwight!

And then on Reed and Shane’s date

I am such a fangirling nerd.

And then

Why the hell is Zach here, at night, unsupervised?

Oh wait a minute.

Nice diva face, Julian.

Meanwhile, back at Derek’s job.

That’s is not what you are supposed to be doing, Derek!

But I think I found future Puck

If he dressed like Blaine.

Back at the house

Derek thinks of Dwight while covered in slim, Dwight runs to greet him without a shirt on, and Shane waits for Reed who is dancing in the street, happy about being pregnant.

Just a normal day.

Shamelessly have eyesex when suddenly a wild cockblocking Reed appears.

I love how he looks so embarrassed, trying to squeeze by while the other two stare him down.

Derek where did your shirt go?

Ah. Well then.

Damn Derek, Cupid kicked your ass didn’t he?


The next morning the new maid arrives since Reed fired the last one.

I don’t like the cut of this boy’s jib already.

And I was right.

Shane doesn’t like him either.

Bitchy pregnant Reed to the rescue! Unfortunately he doesn’t get to fire him because

Nice face.

Baby time!

God dammit.

Meet Lillian, who is invisible, and Zane

As they returned home, I barely caught Dwight being sick

Meanwhile, the fuck are you wearing, Julian?

Da na na na na Inspector Gadget da na na na na da na!

He next has a birthday.


He’s not the only one who has a birthday.

Looks like Cade got daddy Logan’s hair.

Zach is a regular Picasso 

He then decides to sleep in the guest room.

Next day and

They’re jumping on the trampoline while

Things don’t end well


Back at the Ranwerek house and

So adorable! And Shane is

in some awful looking clothes.

Now onto something really new!

What’s in the basket you ask? 

Why it’s Kurt and Blaine’s baby Sabille!

But more on them later.

Shut the fuck up, Derek.

Reed, you are drunk.

So are you, Shane.

Dwight doesn’t like the maid either.

Needless to say, he’s finally fired.

Pregnant Dwight says ice cream for breakfast.

And where is Reed running?

Who could have guessed.

Jesus Reed, try to contain your libido. 

And who could have foreseen someone walking in on them?

At least this time it wasn’t Derek.

Post sex finds them playing catch, but Shane is a little too good for Reed.

This is how Reed would throw the ball:

And this is how Shane was throwing it:

Jesus Christ Shane, it’s not the the Olympics. 


Why are you stroking his ego, Reed?

Meanwhile cute happenings in pregnant Dwerek land.

And then in the middle of the night

So many attractive faces

Say hello to Sophia.

The next picture is this

Which leads to, what do you know, Reed running and Shane taking his time

And where are they going? As if you didn’t know

Meanwhile, like father like son

And Julian’s midlife crisis is getting on my nerves

He was “checking out his wrinkles”

Sex will fix it though

I have got to change the guest bed covers. Bleck.

Happy Birthday Lillian and Zane!

Shane also has a birthday from young adult to adult.

Derek’s ass!

Were you prepared?

But now it’s time for said ass to get a makeover. It was one of his wishes.

But then

All I did was change your shirt, you little bitch.

Oh dear lord, fine you big baby.

I fucking hate you, Derek. 

Reed likes it though.

He decides to get a makeover himself.

Now it’s Shane’s turn.

Well fuck you too.

You’re not getting away that easily.

Reed wants sex a proper thank you.

Shower sex woot woot

But now it’s time to be dads.

Birthday time for Dwight!

Once again, no.

But theeeeen!

Later on Derek still doesn’t do his job

Dammit Derek that is not why they hired you.

And Julian you’re going to have to stop wearing those Inspector Gadget clothes

Bow down to your king, peasants.

After pretending he was a race car driver

He gets in trouble for planting a whoopi cushion in the same chair

The notification said: “You are in big trouble young man! You better not do that again!”

Maybe you should listen to him, Zach. Just look at that face.

But then it’s birthday time!

You sir, are an attractive individual.

But you are Julian and Logan’s love child so

Remember when I said “more on them later.”

It’s later.

They also adopted another child, who’s name totally escapes me at the moment.

More engagements!

Their wedding is the next day.

Shane was wailing.

You could hear him crying over everyone else’s cheering.

Logan just never gives a single fuck at weddings, does he?

u ok?

Well that’s… strange…

Van Wright tralalalala

At least when Logan left he said a kind “Great party! I had a blast!”

All Julian said was “I’ve got to go. The party was… nice.”

fuq u Julian.

dis bitch. trying to act all manly after he done cried a waterpark over a wedding.

And what is this fool doing



Oh god not again

You gon be alright bro?

My sentiments exactly.

And Derek, what the hell is this?

Put some clothes on!

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